Monday, October 31, 2011

All Done!

Post 31: Thankful my 31 Days of Thanks is over!

I am so glad to be done! I managed to write a couple other posts during my 31 Days, but spending time to write my 31 Days posts really took away from my time and energy to blog about everything else. Plus it was a lot of work to develop 31 blogs on a similar topic.

I am glad I did the challenge though. I realize I did a sub-par job of posting every day, but I don't think I ever got more than three days behind. It really did make me think about what I appreciate. Every day I have honestly been more thankful than I was before doing my 31 Days of Thanks. I am glad I tried to blog every day! I got through my anticipated list of posts pretty well and I came up with a lot of other posts along the way.

Here is the summary complete with links in case you missed a post and want to check it out:
Post 1: My friend who moved away
2: People/Race for the Cure
3: Colorado
4: Nebraskans
5: Our House
6: My Dad
7: CU Boulder
8: Fall in Colorado
9: Blogging
10: Football
11: Freya
12: Our Neighborhood
13: Being Married/Wedding Rings
14: Friday Night Game Night
15: Sunday Morning Breakfast
16: My Girls
17: Our New Kitchen Island
18: Our Fireplace
19: My Grandma
20: New Job
21: Clean house
22: My Puppies
23: Puppy Class
24: Music
25: Dylan and My Similarities
26: Snow
27: Halloween
28: Roommates
29: My Parents' Marriage
30: Dylan
31: The End!

Wow, I feel like I really shared quite a bit about my self. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better.

Next year I will definitely pick a less "touchy-feely" topic and something more concrete that other people would be more interested in reading.

I cannot believe it is already November tomorrow! Thanks again to everyone how checked out my 31 Days of Thanks series!

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