Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Island Party

Post 17: Thank you to my amazing in-laws for our kitchen island!

We got our kitchen island today! We had been wanting one for a while...

When Dylan's parents were out here a couple months ago, his mom decided to give us a real kitchen island as our wedding gift.

We finally got around to picking one out two weeks ago and it arrived today! Dylan and I spent 2 1/2 hours putting it together tonight.

I freaking love it! So excited!

A knife block on the side to put knives in

I have since put stuff in the rest of the cabinets. I still haven't decided on the drawer. The kitchen will be arranged in a couple weeks (4!) when my cousin and his girlfriend move out, so it will all change anyways. It is a great addition and I love how much more it looks like a kitchen. It will be so much easier to clean off too.

The last couple steps for the kitchen include the door shelves in the pantry and arranging as I mentioned, which will likely lead to more wants/needs. This is a huge addition to our house and I love it.

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