Friday, October 7, 2011

Black and Gold

Day 7: Today I am thankful for the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I went to CU from Fall 2006 through Spring 2009. I graduated with 151 credit hours with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.

I lived in the Kittredge dorms my first year. The same dorm that my dad and one of my aunts lived in. The year my aunt lived in there was the first year it was converted from an all-male dorm. There were still urinals in all of the bathrooms when I went. (They did start construction on it the next year, my luck!). One of my closest friends still is Amy from down the hall. We lived together my third year of college. Love her to death!

I was part of the Business Residential Academic Program (RAP)and that resulted in the two of the events that had the largest impact on my experience at CU.

1) I decided to switch from Marketing to Accounting when the RAP brought in the head of the Accounting department and she described what a typical accountant was like and she described me exactly. I think I would have turned to accounting eventually, but glad I was able to realize it so early.

2) Scarlett, the advisor for the RAP, was also my advisor throughout my years at CU. I would not have been able to graduate in three years if it weren't for her. She also got me involved in the Leeds Business School Leeds Ambassador program where you are involved with the business school, give tours, etc. As a result of my involvement in the Leeds Ambassadors, I had the amazing opportunity to take minutes at a quarterly Leeds School of Business Board of Directors Meeting. Now one my long term goals is to be on the Leeds Board of Directors. I just hope I am eventually rich enough and/or cool enough to make it.

One other key aspect of my term at CU was Delta Sigma Pi, the professional business fraternity. I am still slightly involved in it (I would be more if I could make it to more of the monthly meetings and they didn't cost $25 a pop, but I do my best) but I was very involved in college and was on the executive team all but one semester. I met my closest college friends through there and had a ton of great social and professional experiences.

FOOTBALL! Keep in mind that we have SUCKED ever since I started there. I had season tickets for four years (and I will get them again eventually) and loved going to the games. I am so glad I decided to go to a football school.
I am so thankful for having gone to such a great school, for making such great friends and for getting an amazing education. GO BUFFS! Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!

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