Sunday, October 2, 2011

Race for the Cure

This morning, my mom and I did the Race for the Cure in Denver. I want to say it is my 5th year doing it. Every year it is so inspiring to see so many people coming together for one cause. So today I am thankful for people.

The Race is so much fun. There is pink everywhere. Bands. Water stations. Tu-tus. Feather boas. Adorable babies in pink. And everyone is so excited to be there for such a great cause. There is so much hope and enthusiasm.

The "Ribbon" created by the loop of the Race

The reason I have decided to be thankful for people today is that even with everything going on in their lives, this morning about 55,000 people got out of bed and went down town to race for a cure to breast cancer.

Back in college, I went to the college church group with my roommate. I went to go check it out since I had never been religious and figured now that I was "an adult" I should go see if it was something that struck a chord in me. While I decided it still wasn't for me, what I did realize is that I believe in people. I believe in my family, my friends, and Dylan.

Today at Race for the Cure was one of those moments when people come together to do something positive and great. I am so grateful I was able to be part of this event and am looking forward to next year and even more to when we find a cure.

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