Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Day 15: Sunday Morning Breakfast

Another perk of having Goosie in town is Sunday morning breakfast at my parents house. That usually means one of my absolutely favorite meals--WAFFLES!

We always use my grandma's recipe (one of the very few things my grandma makes well). I always put strawberries and whipped cream on it. I am slightly OCD, so I cut up my waffle into pieces before I put the strawberries on and them make sure each bite will have a strawberry. Then top it off with whipped cream.

I totally meant to take pictures of our breakfast this morning, but I totally forgot... (epic blogger fail...) but here is a picture of pretty much what my breakfast looked like:
Why does Sunday Morning Breakfast at my parents mean so much to me? It means I get to spend time with my family, which I always love. It is such a simple act and waffles are so easy to make, but it is so much fun to hang out in the morning. It may mean getting up a little earlier (for Dylan more so than me), but I think it is totally worth it. Maybe it is just one of those few moments where I still feel like more my parents daughter and less like a grown up. Maybe it is just that I love breakfast.

Mmm mmm good :)

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