Monday, October 3, 2011

Good Ole Centennial State

Today I am thankful for Colorado.

I did a great job of experiencing some of the great things Colorado has to offer this weekend.

Friday night we went to Sing Sings downtown and then the Gin Mill:

Saturday we met some friends at the Denver Art Museum, which I had only been to twice in my life. Really cool. I have officially added "Oriental" to my potential decorating style for the living room. After the Art Musuem we went to Pint's Pub just a couple blocks away. It has some drink from 124 of the 125 distilleries in the British Isles or something like that. The food was great too.

Here is some of the art outside the museum.

 Sunday we went up to Estes Park. We hung out and saw some of the Elk Fest, bummed around the shops (I got a couple awesome Christmas ornaments!), and then went to check out the Stanley Hotel (where The Shining is filmed)
 The Stanley had thier annual scarecrow event going on and I thought this was adorable.
 A view of Rocky Mountain National Park from the Stanley.
Dylan and me in front of the hotel.
I had a super great Colorado weekend, but I pretty much always love living here.

I am thankful I am a native, since that is a big deal here. I love the weather most of the time. It is pretty mild over all. The mountains get most of the snow. Over 300 days of sunshine a year. No humidity. Limited bugs. Fantastic views. There is access to pretty much everything except the ocean but we have DIA to get anywhere and Water World to tie you over. I don't ski or snowboard but I do enjoy snowshoeing (much more my pace) and hanging at the lodges drinking hot chocolate, shopping and hot tubbing.

Now I just need to convince more of my Nebraska friends and family to move out here!

I am so thankful I live here and have decided to stay here :)

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