Thursday, September 15, 2011

Planning Ahead

That sounds really vague for this blog, but, as per usual, I am trying to plan ahead.

This time it is about getting pregnant.

Most of you probably know Dylan and I plan on starting to try to conceive after our one year anniversary. In other words, approximately the beginning of July 2012 I get to stop drinking and start watching the calendar for the best days to conceive.

Like most things I do, I am trying to plan ahead.

I usually have my annual doctor's visit in the fall/early winter. I don't have an appointment scheduled yet, but have already started googling what questions to ask your doctor before getting pregnant.

Here is the list of things to talk about (per and
  • What do you eat? I should be eating healthy, getting a lot of vitamins, calcium and folic acid. Women who dont' get enough folic acid during pregnancy are more likely to have a baby with serious problems of the brain or spinal cord. Also, caffeine consumption needs to be limited.
  • What about weight? Being overweight can cause the mother to have more issues including high blood pressure and can cause more discomfort during pregnancy and a longer labor. Being underweight increases the risk of a low birth-weight baby.
  • Is exercise ok? Yes. The more fit you are before, the easier pregnancy and delivery may be. During pregnancy, you can most likely continue your regular level of exercise.
  • Do I need to change my habits? Smoking and drinking are bad, duh. Actually, I learned that the fetus is most susceptible to fetal alcohol syndrome during the first 2-8 weeks, so it is best to stop drinking before trying to get pregnant. Also, no excess heat such as hot tub or hot bath.
  • Are there things at work or at home that may be harmful? Radiation, lead, mercury, acids, cat feces.
  • Is it ok to take medicine? Ask you doctor about specific medicines.
  • What tests may I need before I get pregnant? May need some tests to determine if you have problems that could harm you or your baby. The sites mention STDs, Rubella, anemia, HIV, etc.
  • Will my baby be at risk for genetic problems? Make sure you get an understanding of your family history of high blood pressure, twins, blindness, deafness, diabetes, mental retardation, cystic fibrosis, congenital birth defects.
What does that all mean for me?

1) I need to go to the doctor sooner rather than later. They recommend you go about a year before TTC (Trying To Conceive).
2) I need to loose some weight. According to the BMI index I am in the overweight category. I think having a healthy baby is probably some of the best motivation for me though, so wish me luck!
3) I need to continue to eat healthier. I'm not terrible, but I do need more calcium and vitamins. I will also be sure to ask my doctor what vitamin she recommends. I tried vitamins before and I am SUPER nauseous if I don't eat within 5 minutes of taking it, but again, totally worth it.
4) I will have to stop drinking--in about 9 months. Not that that means I will be getting really drunk while I still can (because I also won't really drink after the baby), but something I am not looking forward to as much.
5) Also, no hot tub or hot baths once we start TTC since again, the fetus is most fragile in the beginning. Lame.
5) I may need to get a couple more details about my family history. I know my family has not really had any issues trying to conceive (my family is HUGE!). I know twins run in the family (two sets on my mom's side). I know we have high blood pressure issues. I know we do not have any genetic diseases or diabetes to date. But I should probably ask a couple more questions to be sure.

Between getting healthier and working out our finances, it will be a busy and exciting year getting ready for to be pregnant! Then we still get 9 months to actually get ready. Phew.


  1. folic acid is important

    And I know it is futile to say - don't plan too much, if you stress yourself out it'll be harder to conceive

    Something tells me you will be one of the those women the doctor tells to have a glass of wine every day ;)

  2. Ha ha. No stressing, just being prepared. It's still a ways out! I do better when I think ahead, so I can have a few less curveballs.

  3. I started taking my prenatals early. Mike also read a study that said extra potassium would increase the chances of having a boy so he constantly bought me bananas. We had a boy but I'm still not convinced. The best advice came from my doctor who told me to have fun trying, enjoy the glow good sex gives you, and to lay with my legs in the air for 10 minutes. She said why not use gravity to help. good luck!

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