Thursday, October 6, 2011

Like Father Like Daughter

Day 6: Today I am thankful for my dad.

I hung out with my dad all day today. When I was driving over there this morning, I thought about how much I appreciate my dad and how similar we are.

Some of the things my dad taught me were the importance of balance in life, to be considerate of others, how to play soccer and the importance of family.

I feel like I have a lot of both of my parents characteristics in me, but most days I feel like I have a lot of my dad.

We both love hanging out with family. That means our immediate family, my dad's side of the family, my mom's family, everyone. We could see family every day and be happy.

We both love being on the phone when we drive or go anywhere. I think I am that way because he trained me, but it still counts.

We love browsing around stores. That is what I did with a friend yesterday on my day off and what my dad and I did all morning. Costco is our favorite.

I love having such a great dad that I can talk to about anything!

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