Sunday, October 23, 2011

Puppy Class

Post 23: Thank goodness for puppy training class!

Today Ares graduated from Puppy class at our local PetSmart. Dylan took most of the lead on training (although I definitely helped and always reinforce!) and Dylan and Ares both did great!

For our test we had to complete the following, without using treats:
-3 Sits
-2 Downs
-30 second Stay (Sit or Down)
-Leave It
-Wait at the door
-Loose-leash walking
-Come when called
-Come when called with owner out of site
-Come when called and Sit
-Sit while greeting

Quite a lot to learn in a 6 week class. Since we went through the same class (same trainer, who we love) with Freya, we already knew a lot of what to do. When we did class with Freya, it was really helpful because it taught Dylan and I how to train the dog. It was more of school for us. The puppy class is also a lot about socializing with other dogs too.

This is Ares socializing... he just observes.
We brought Freya (at the request of the trainer, who hadn't seen her in a while) too and Freya fit right in a started playing with the other puppies in Ares' class.
They are very different, ha ha.

We will be doing intermediate class with both of them. That way Freya can get some more interaction and reinforce her skills. Probably not until December, and I think we will shoot for during the week so our weekends are more free.

Nice job Ares!

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  1. Aww the graduation photo is adorable! I wish we could have a dog so bad, but with us gone so long I just don't want to do that to a dog. Yours are ADORABLE.


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