Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love Our House

Day 5: Today I am thankful for our house.

I freaking love our house.

I love that we didn't have to do any renovations. No painting, no repairs.

I love that it is big. Big enough for people to come visit and have people live with us. It will be big enough to raise our children in it when the time comes and still have people come visit. It will be big enough for Dylan and I to each have our own space. It is big enough for us to fit a king size bed and three dressers in it with plenty of space.

I love the layout. I love the split levels. We have 5 different levels in our house (basement, family room, kitchen/living room, bedrooms, master bedroom). I love that our house is so open. You can hear people really well throughout the house without having to yell to loud.

I love having a yard. A lot of that relates to the puppies, but I am also glad I have two places to go sit outside. I do enjoy doing yard work at times, since it is nice to have something to do at home on the weekends besides just clean.

I love our storage spaces. The garage has a lot of space and places to put things. We have a storage area in the basement. We have an extra closet in the basement. We have another kitchen in the basement to put extra food and drinks.

I love having my own space to decorate. This is the one thing that really has surprised me the most. I always had a little bit of an itch to decorate other places, but never did since it was never really mine. Now that I have a house my list of what I want to do is always growing.

I love having a place that is ours. It is the first time I have ever wanted to spend more time at my house than my parents house. My parents house is now really part of a different time in my life. My house is my present and my future and it is just so exciting!

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