Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Puppies

Post 22: Thankful for my two fluff monsters.

Even though Ares nickname is "The Terrorist" right now (I will have another blog on that soon I am am sure), I really do love my puppies.

They are great cuddlers and help keep me warm when it is cold (or even when I am already hot...).
Laying with me on the couch

They keep me entertained. They are hilarious to watch play. If I am bored I can go walk them or play with them in the house or yard. I can train with them. They can definitely keep me busy if I want them too.
The dogs coming to play

They keep me company. I always hate when I am watching a funny movie or show and I laugh out loud but there is no one else there. So when the dogs are around, I can at least pretend they are enjoying the movie or show with me.
Ares sleeping in Freya's little puppy bed
When I have a bad day they just want to make me happy. 
Ares the Lover

Even though they can be a lot of work, they mostly are a lot of fun and definitely a lot of love.

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