Monday, October 31, 2011

All the Little Things

Post 30: My amazing husband.

Each and every day, I am so thankful for Dylan! It's all the little things, but the big things too :)

He makes me dinner first thing when we get home since he knows I am always starving.

He spends time with my family most of the weekend.

He calls my dad to tell him about things.

He will vacuum and help clean the house with very minimal complaining.

He loves our puppies so much.

He will make comments on us having kids. He was trying to convince me he will be more excited for Christmas with our kids than I will be. No way!

He lets me go blog upstairs and have my alone time.

He lets me go see my friends whenever I need and want to.

He always drives (I hate driving...).

He helps me relax.

He drops me off at light rail in the morning so I don't have to park and walk.

He works really hard at his job and works hard for both himself and our family. 

He did most of the Halloween candy passing out tonight so I didn't have to crawl over the gate. 

He has been an absolutely amazing boyfriend, fiance and husband. By no means perfect, but that would be no fun!

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