Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun

Our Halloween this year was a lot of fun and quite  a full weekend, even by my standards.

Initial plan: Halloween Party Saturday.
Plan #2: Party on Friday to accommodate my roommate having to work Saturday night
Plan #3: Go out Friday with roommate who has to work and since my cousin's friends already have a party on Friday, move the party to Saturday.

Plan #3 ended up being the final plan.

This is Friday. I was a devil and Dylan was a lumber jack.

 Had to throw in some Tebowing.
 Then this is Saturday:

Then for actual Halloween on Monday, we watched Hocus Pocus (no scary movies here!) and handed out candy. Apparently we overestimated the number of treat or treaters since we have a ton of candy left.

Overall a great weekend! I got to hang out with a lot of people that I don't see very often and our first Halloween passing out candy. Great times.

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