Monday, October 10, 2011

Favorite Fall Past Time

Day 10: Football Season!

I realize it has been going on for over a month now, but I haven't really mentioned it a whole lot on my blog.

I freaking love football season. It is definitely one of the best parts of Fall.

We usually go over to my parents house on Sundays to watch the game. We figure since we just sit around, we might as well sit around with other people.

Monday nights we usually watch at home with my cousin who lives with us. Tonight my parents stopped by too for a bit. Great game Lions!

Unfortunately, my teams really suck this year. Denver Broncos (1-4) and Colorado Buffaloes (1-5). Sad times.  For the Broncos--I am excited to see if Tebow can give us some spark. For the Buffs--at least we have had a chance in some games.

I am doing alright on my fantasy team. 3-2. I have lost twice despite having the 3rd highest score overall for the week. Ugh. It's been fun though :)

I love having an excuse to lounge on the weekends, since I am usually not very good at relaxing. And I love wearing jerseys to support my teams. I decided to become a Huskers fan this year, but until I get a jersey it will only be half-assed cheering for them.

Thank goodness all the NFL owners got their act together and got the season underway!

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  1. Oh it could be worse. You could be a St. Louis Rams fan like's not looking good. Again.

    I love football on Sunday with lots of friends and good food. I guess I just have to start rooting for a better team.


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