Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grandma's B-Day

Post 19: Thankful for my Grandma

My Grandma (my Dad's Mom) had her birthday this week!

Goosie and I went out to dinner with her on Saturday so that Goose could see her while she was down from school and so that we could celebrate her birthday. Then the rest of the family (minus the kids out of town in college) had a party at her house on Sunday. I don't have any pictures, even though pictures were taken, since my grandma, even at her own birthday, is always the one taking pictures at these types of family events.

Let me tell you, even though my grandma did have her birthday this weekend, she is far from old. She still works, she plays sports (well the old people kind... ha ha), she has long hair. She is awesome.

She has always been an active part of my life. She watched me when I was little, she came to my soccer games, swim meets, and school programs, she would pick me up from high school when my ride couldn't pick us up or plans changed.

She gives great advice (she is a counselor after all), she helps out whenever possible, she will go out to lunch with you on a whim.

I love her so much and I am so glad she is a significant part of my life. 

I am glad I was able to help celebrate her birthday and I cannot wait for the many more years to come!

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