Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Peas in a Pod

Post 25: Thankful for All That Dylan and I Have in Common

We are both huge nerds. We love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, etc. We have played WoW together. We love reading.

We love movies.  We both love to go to movies, buy movies, watch movies, talk about movies. Just movies. Dylan is admittedly much better about older movies than me, but I'm getting there.

We love food. Kraft Mac 'n' Cheese. Fast food at times. Going out to eat. Ice cream. Grilling. We just love food.

We both like to spend time with family. I probably see mine more than Dylan would prefer, but we both hold our families as a high priority in life. This is definitely important to me.

We like spending time outside. We love going to the dog park. We go hiking and camping. Spending time in the yard--gardening and playing with the puppies.

We are both pretty low-key. I may be a busy person, but I love just sitting on the couch watching a movie, like tonight! Both of us generally enjoy spending the night cuddled up together.

We both love being ridiculous when we snuggle--making weird faces at each other, tickling and making jokes.

Don't worry, we have our differences too (we mostly fall into the "opposites attract" category), but today, I really appreciate that we have a lot in common and that we can always fall back on that.

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