Saturday, September 6, 2014

Vander at Fifteen Months

I wasn't sure how often to do Vander updates, so I will post about particular things that come to mind and then follow his doctors appointments, which I think are quarterly all this year.

He weighs just under 26 pounds. So thank goodness this kid can walk because I can hardly carry him all the way from the car to his classroom in the mornings! They had his height the same as three months ago, so it was either wrong last time or this time or both since he can reach a lot more things and I had to put away a couple pairs of shorts since they looked like girl shorts on him. Either way he is definitely growing! When we were at the doctors office, it made me realize how big and different he is over these last three months, since he interacted with his environment so differently.

I just can't get over how much I love hanging out with this little munchkin! He is so endlessly entertaining. He is a goofball and he knows it. Vander smiles all the time, unless he is concentrating on something or mad you won't let him do something (then we get a tantrum) or when he gets frustrated he can't do something the exact specific way he wants it to go.

Vander loves to do the same things as mommy and daddy. Vander now sits at the table in a booster seat instead of a high chair. He will wash my legs and feet after we wash him in the bathtub. He helps me with laundry. He loves his cleaning toys from grandma and grandpa.

He loves organizing and reorganizing things. So he clearly gets that from me. He rearranges things in baskets and boxes and shelves. He sorts the cans and condiments in the pantry and fridge. It is so stinking cute!


But Vander is so independent too! He plays with his toys all on his own. He drives his cars around and makes noises. He will make his Goldfish (or pretzels or Kix…) talk to each other before he eats them. He has started reading his books on his own. He likes to do thing himself and the exact way he wants it. He very much has free reign in the house and outside in the back yard these days. We feel very comfortable with him going up and down the stairs. We are pretty well baby proofed in terms of the things we don’t want him getting into. Except now he likes to put my tampons in the toilet…

The world is his obstacle course. He loves to climb onto everything. He uses things as step stools to get higher up. So even though he has free reign we definitely keep a close eye on him.

He was sick with hand foot and mouth and an ear infection at the same time one weekend and ever since then he has returned to being a snuggle bug. I think he was so caught up in being busy and exploring that he forgot how nice it was to snuggle in mom or dad's lap until he was forced to slow down. So now he will come sit with us a lot more, which I absolutely love!

He is talking a lot. Well he was always spoken Vanderin a lot, but it is getting closer to real words now. He consistently says: hi, mom, dad, ball, uh oh, more, please (sounds like "peas" and he will sign it all the time when you ask "what do you need to say?" And is saying it out loud more too), me. He has also said: downstairs, car, up (he used to be better about his one), snack (said "nack"), dog. I feel like there are more but he just understands us so well when we ask him to do things that we don't have a whole lot of issues communicating. I mostly wish he could let me know if he is hurt when he falls down, or just scared. When he does get frustrated because something isn't working we are getting him to ask for help, which he does by looking at us and signing please, so that is good. I also tell him to think about what his is doing and what he should try next to get him to step back and not just get mad. Sounds like high expectations for a 15 month old but he does listen when I tell him to think about it.

It has been such a fun summer with this little guy! Being his mommy is so much fun! Vander is the main reason I am ok with Fall and Winter coming, since we will get to play in the snow!


Monday, August 18, 2014

S'more More More

Last weekend we took Vander camping for the first time! It was so much fun and Vander absolutely loved it. Our little munchkin is a nature boy for sure.

Grandma and grandpa (Dylan's parents) made it super easy for mom and dad too :) We joined them up by Grand Lake and they found this excellent camping spot in a good patch of trees right by the lake. It was beautiful. Their friends that live in Grand Lake part of the year let us use their camper, which they completely set up and took down for us before and after we were there. Grandma brought and made all the food for us and the whole thing was such a breeze. I will have to remember that will not be the case next time we go camping!

Vander loved the fact that there were no walls and we hung out and followed him around pretty much wherever he wanted to go.

We went into the water a little bit.

He had a little tin cup that he played with all evening that he could fill up with rocks or dig with or just hang on to.

He tried his first s'more, which he loved. This kid already has a sweet tooth! Parents of the year over here for sure.

Mostly he ate and snacked the entire time. I didn't feel too guilty since he was running around the whole time as well, but I have never heard and seen the sign language sign for "more" so many times. Talk about welcome to toddlerhood! And Vander's little face is so serious and pathetic when he says and signs for more, you just can't say no to him. Of course he usually has a specific snack in mind so he will shake his head no until you offer the right one.

Vander slept decently well, he woke up a couple times, but we couldn't maneuver around the pack n playing the camper very well so we bumped him when we each came to bed. You would have thought he would be more tired from the running around, but he was totally energized by the outdoors.

I had heard before that toddlers are impervious to the cold, but I was freezing and Vander was totally fine in the morning! We still put his super cute hoodie on top of his fleece pajamas. He literally ran around growling. So stinking cute!

Then we got him dressed and were able to put on his superman shirt from grandma since it was cool enough to put on long sleeves.

After we packed our stuff back up we headed into town for some brunch and then headed back home to enjoy the last bit of our weekend.

It was a great little trip and it was so nice to spend time with Dylan's parents. We will definitely be camping again soon! Once Vander can talk I am sure he will demand it every weekend.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Little and Big Munchkin

Vander and I stopped at the park on our way home from dinner last night (Dylan went home so he could do the last stair rail for the deck! More on the deck soon!). It has been so much fun visiting the park these last couple of months and seeing how Vander has changed.

We first went when Vander wasn't yet walking on his own, so we mostly went to go swing and walk him around a little bit.

Now he can get up the playsets himself, go down the slide himself and wander over to the sand play area. He still needs and appreciates my assistance most of the time and I don't trust him to not try to go over the edge. So I tend to be more or less right by his side.

Most of the time that makes sense for me to be right there, but when he was playing in the sand, I realized I didn't need to be hovering over him. He was doing just fine playing on his own and not taking things from the other kids and no other kids were bothering him, so I took a couple steps back and just watched him play.

While we let him roam around on his own a lot at home (on whatever level of the house we are on), I hadn't done that in public at all before.

He is getting so much steadier at walking and his borderline running, so that makes it easier to not have to be right next to him. He was doing well with stairs until he decided the last week and a half that he needs to walk up and down them up instead of crawl, so I am right there with him on those again.

It is just so crazy that he is getting to be such a bug kid already!

But, he is still such a little kid because he absolutely loves having me right there with him. The park was a little crazy last night so there were a lot of kids when I was sitting back watching Vander play. I saw how he would look over at me and give me the biggest grin, and most of the other kids, who were older, didn't even give half a thought about their parents because they were so involved in what they were doing and used to being at the park without mom and dad right next to them.

I am not looking forward to the day when Vander pushes me back to the edge of the playground so he can go play without me, but it will also be a good thing when it happens. While I love how dependent he is on me now, I know I will love him being independent some day too. I am looking forward to being independent too!

For now, I will enjoy all the little hugs, kisses and smiles I can get and hope they never stop coming!


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