Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tour of My Sister's House

This Easter weekend my parents and I went to check out and help organize my sister's new house in Billings.

It was a busy trip with a lot of shopping and organizing, so I was in my element!

I asked Britt if she would let me feature a tour of her house so the family could see how cute it is, and she said yes.

I really loved her house. I think it is a great fit for her right now, especially once her boyfriend is there for the summer. I think it will be a fantastic house if they end up staying in Billings and raising a family there too. The house is in a newer neighborhood next to a lot of open space. It is really convenient to go to main stores and to get downtown. (Although everything is close by my "Denver standards" where I never mind driving 15-30 minutes to get anywhere)


We will start with the main level.

This is her living room at the moment. In two weeks this furniture will all move down to the family room when her new furniture arrives. I think she will be flipping the room and putting the tv on the wall to the left once she gets her new stuff.

This is the chair she is getting that was her inspiration for the room my mom and I helped her design.

If you are standing by the window in the living room his is the view of the entryway and into the dining room. To give you a feel for the layout, the stairs you see go upstairs and to the right of the stairs you see is a small set of stairs that go down into the family room.

Here is the dining room. The table from our uncle is a great fit for the space.

Her kitchen is a decent size and at least has a decent amount of counter space to cook and serve food. Her pantry is good sized, she just needs more food to utilize it better, which I am sure her boyfriend will help with.

We hung up her mail organizing center next to the counter so she can have a set drop off zone for her stuff when she gets home.

She has a good sized backyard, not too big and not too small. She has a two level patio and she bought a grill this weekend to put on it and so we could grill up some delicious food (thanks Mom!).

Her family room is currently empty since it is "Jane's room." Jane is her puppy that is about 9 months old and definitely destructive, so Britt leaves her in this room with the door closed so Jane doesn't get into the rest of the house but has access in and out of the house. She will be putting the furniture from the living room on the left side. We all thought a bar area and/or bookshelves would be great on the right side of the room.

There is a bathroom and laundry room on the left side of the first picture, but if didn't get any pictures of it. It will be really nice to have three bathrooms instead of just the one she had in her previous place!

Her basement has great storage and could be finished pretty easily if she ever needed the space.

She has three bedrooms upstairs and a guest bathroom. This is the guest bedroom. (Sorry it was really hard to figure out how to take pictures that gave you a feel for the layout of the room, may need to google that...)

The other guest room is going to be an exercise room and office. Currently it holds stacks of her stuff that still needs to be organized. I gave her some good ideas for this room, but I figured we arranged and cleaned the whole rest of the house, so I let her have one space that didn't get finished.

Here is the guest bathroom. Pretty standard. It came with the little cabinet above the toilet, which I really liked.

My mom posed for a picture of the master bedroom. It has plenty of space to upgrade to a king size bed (something her 6'4" tall boyfriend will be excited for whenever that happens).

A walk in closet, always important!

The master bathroom, including another closet for linens and toiletries (she has a linen closet in the upstairs hallway as well).

That is her house! I had so much fun organizing it and making it clean for taking pictures. It was also so nice to visit her, since it had been three and a half months since I last saw her.

I look forward to seeing what else she does with it. Organizing her house made me excited to keep organizing mine. I really want and need to update my house tour and share all my current ideas and plans, so look forward to that sometime in the relatively near future.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Easter Bunny Came Early This Year

This year the Easter bunny came early! (and during nap time instead of over night...)

We will not all be together next weekend for Easter, so we decided to do Vander's Easter basket a week early.

Originally, Dylan got a great deal on a plane ticket to Omaha to go visit his friends and family. When we both go, we end up running around a lot since we both have family there, so I figured Dylan should go for a long weekend by himself. Right after we bought the tickets, Dylan's parents were in town and suggested Vander go with him since it is free for him to fly along. I said that was fine since Easter doesn't mean a whole lot to us, just a big family brunch.  Not that it is overly important in Dylan's family either, but they won't have seen him since Thanksgiving. Since that decision, my sister bought a house in Billings, so I am going to drive up with my parents to see her and her new house. I am super sad she doesn't get to see him, but she has seen him more recently than most of Dylan's family and she will get to see him a lot in May. I am also super sad to not see Vander for five days, but I am glad I will be distracted by my sister.

As a result, we decided to do Vander's Easter basket this weekend. 

Vander legitimately posed like this all on his own before digging into his basket!

Shaking things is his favorite
I love this photo!

Do you think he was teething?!

Have a great Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vander's First Easter Basket

I had so much fun building Vander's First Easter basket! While those of you who know Dylan and I, we are not especially religious. We actually discussed it and decided to still do the whole Easter thing, under the context that it is a celebration os Spring. Once Vander gets older, we will definitely make sure he understands the Christian aspect of Easter as well, but for the most part it is a celebration of new life and the changing of the seasons.

Let me show you Vander's basket!

Step 1: Get a basket! We got ours at Pottery Barn.

Step 2: Add filler. We went with alphabet word blocks instead of using grass or some other filler.

Step 3: Add toys. We went with splash balls that he can play with in the bath tub.

Step 4: Add snacks/treats and add eggs. I found these sports themed Easter eggs at Toys R Us and added yogurt melts, Annie's white cheddar crackers, Earth's Best sweet potato pops and Earth's Best smiley grahams.

Step 5: Add books. We figured we want to have something educational in his basket each year.

Step 6: Add clothes. Especially at Vander's age and ever growing size, we need new clothes! I found some cheap sandals and we wanted to get him some Rockies gear for the summer.

Step 7: Add adorable stuffed animals (besides the main bunny). I absolutely fell in love with these new "Itty Bitty" stuffed animals I found at Hallmark! I seriously plan to go back and buy all of them.

Step 8: Add the annual bunny. I found this adorable bunny at Hallmark. I looked at Toys R Us and there were no options. I asked my mom and she suggested Hallmark. Apparently that is where my first bunny came from and I held on to that thing until I was 9 (and still have it in my save box in my basement in fact). So that put a lot of pressure on the first Easter rabbit!

I think it turned out absolutely perfect :) So stinking cute and fun!
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