Saturday, May 9, 2015

Marshall: Two Months

Our Marshmallow is twice as old!

Marshall is 12 pounds 10 ounces (67%) and 23 1/2 inches (66%) long. He is so much chunkier than he was a month ago!

It will be interesting to keep comparing him to Vanderman. Vander was 14 pounds 8 ounces and 23 inches long. They both started to smile but I think they may be starting to look different. It just depends on the picture I think!

Sleeping has gotten better, but not consistent.  We moved him to his room right at six weeks old when he was eating every 3 hours instead of every two. Best nights have been a 5 1/2 hour stretch between feedings, followed by a four hour stretch, but worst case is every three hours. He is really not fun to put to sleep in the evenings and he fights being laid down in his crib until around 11pm. Hopefully that improves this next month.  But he does sleep in until 9am or so. If we could bump all that up like two hours that would make for a much happier mommy. We have had some awake days where he is up for 5 hours straight and some sleepy days where he eats and sleeps until the evening. This has no correlation with how putting him to bed goes unfortunately.

The baby smiles started right after he was one month old. They make life so amazing! Marshall loves it when you talk to him, sing to him and especially when you give him kisses.

He is starting to be entertained by toys and lights and sounds. He enjoys being walked around the house facing everything. We bought a fancy swing that helps for about ten minutes (and getting longer), but that helps get some laundry done or rest tired parent arms.

Vander has still been a great brother. Him and Dylan were playing peek-a-boo with Marshall and everyone loved it.

We had Marshall's first trip to Nebraska this month. Marshall's first day without Mommy since I started back at work. Both of which went well!

It is crazy how time goes with the second baby. I think it is because you realize how short each phase is. I can hardly remember Vander being so little. And thinking about the fact that in two months Marshall will start rice cereal is astounding.

It has been a fun two months with Marshall as part of the family!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Brother Vander

After having a new baby, the mom is obviously chopped liver and everyone always only asks about the baby (not entirely true, but bear with me). However, people do still ask about the other babies, specifically how they are dealing with the new baby, so I thought I would share how Vander is dealing with the newest addition to our family.

Vander has been an absolutely excellent big brother! While his version of "gentle" is still not quite as gentle as I probably want, Vander loves Marshall!

Vander lights up every time he sees Marshall, even though he is usually being carried by me. He really hasn't had any issues sharing. He has never once pushed Marshall out of my arms or showed any signs of being mean or unhappy towards him.

Vander loves to pat Marshall, whether he is sleeping or crying. Vander was trying to play "This little piggy" with Marshall's feet last night which Marshall did not really appreciate, but was super adorable since Vander loves it when I play that with him.

Vander points at (again, not as gently as I would like...) Marshall's eyes and ears. Vander will come lay down next to him on the floor on a blanket or under the baby gym.

As you can tell from this picture below, Vander is not especially empathetic and he usually doesn't seem to hear or care if Marshall is crying. He is generally not empathetic though, so it isn't specific to Marshall. But at least he can sleep through a baby crying next to him in the car!

I brought Marshall with me to Vander's school ice cream social last week and all of the little kids were so excited for the baby and Vander was positively thrilled to show off his baby brother.

Overall Vander is very helpful for getting things for his brother. Mostly he loves playing with all of Marshall's things. I would find him in the pack n play quite often.

I am so proud of what a great big brother Vander is and so excited to see them grow up together!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

The New and Improved Otley Clan (i.e. now a family of FOUR!) went to Nebraska for Easter to visit family and show off the Marshmallow.

While we all had a great trip, I would have to say Vander had the most fun! 

We went to the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland since Vander has been super into airplanes. It was such a beautiful museum and completely awe inspiring. I would love to go back in a couple years and do the guided tour where they take people inside the planes and learn more about all of the planes. This trip was all about seeing planes up close and actually touching them!

We did some easter festivities with Dylan's family on Saturday. Vander got to die Easter eggs (with a lot of big plops in the dye) and go hunt for eggs. Marshall got a lot of snuggles. 

Easter morning the boys found the Easter Bunny delivered some goodies! (I took the basket pictures the week before when I was putting everything together)

Vander went to go check out the tractors before we headed up to visit my family for Easter dinner. He loved it and absolutely didn't want to leave.

We went up to Omaha for the afternoon and I basically only saw Marshall when he needed a new diaper or to eat since my family all hoarded him. Vander and I went to the park and he played with everyone.

It was a fantastic weekend! Hooray for Spring!

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