Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dylan Time?

I have been so busy with work, the wedding and the house, that I really feel like I have hardly spent any quality time with Dylan. He usually gets his own downtime on Sundays while I run around doing other errands.
Me taking a pic of us on Rockies opening day (hence the matching purple)

I really want to make sure Dylan and I have some time together before the wedding. The whole getting married thing is kind of a big deal, but the main thing is Dylan and I being happy for the rest of our lives. That includes being happy and enjoying being together in the time between now and the wedding.

I am also going to be out of town a lot these next couple months so that won't give us much time. At the same time we are also trying to manage our spending. I do want to have a couple of evenings or afternoons for some dates for Dylan and I, preferably a mix of free or cheap and maybe something nicer for one night too. 

So what is one of your favorite dates you have been on? Or any date ideas you have been thinking about?


  1. You guys can come with me to see Water For Elephants on Friday night!
    Um... ok real idea... the weather is starting to get nicer, what about a picnic somewhere. This way you can take freya and get outside and enjoy a home made meal with each other.

  2. you should go to the paint your own pottery place and make a mug for each other or a serving dish for your new kitchen. It's really cheap, you only pay for your dish/mug/whatever and the rest is included in cost (average piece is about $15)

  3. Thats a cute idea!

  4. http://www.mrfreestuff.com/44-free-date-ideas/


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