Monday, January 16, 2012

Being A Wife - The Balancing Act

It's about learning to hold your tongue, and not roll your eyes, or scowl...

You still have to go fill up the car with gas yourself, sometimes.

Don't forget the "I missed you after a long day at work" kiss when he picks you up.

Making sure he has clean clothes to wear since it is your self-appointed and mutually-agreed upon responsibility to do laundry. Some weeks go better than others...

Polite reminders about which trash cans need to be emptied this week, so that he remembers those and also remembers to take the trash to the curb.

Holding hands in the car.

Making dinner and cleaning it up.

Buying the movie tickets because even though it is the same household fund he needs to feel like he gets taken out sometimes too.

Laughing at 11pm when we are supposed to have been asleep for an hour and we have to get up at 5:30am to walk the dogs.

Asking about how his family is doing.

Saying "Thanks! I really appreciate it!" when he helps me hang something up in the house.

Listening to him, even when he is talking about politics, or basketball, or even if one of my favorite songs comes on the radio.

Agreeing that it is more important to go on vacation.

Remembering how much fun we have exploring the world together.

Be patient.

Try not to talk about babies too much.

The "Good night. Love You" kiss when we go to sleep.

Put your best foot forward every day and love him and yourself!


  1. Hi there, found you by way of the SITS website! I really liked this post, some good reminders and to-dos! :)

  2. All good tips, especially "be patient". Oh boy, that is my mantra some days. Over and over and over again...

    It's a good thing we love these guys so much :)

  3. Hi. Stopping by from the SITS31DBBB challenge. Nice to meet you. I'm a newlywed for another day or 2 (1 year anniversary on Sat and you're only a newlywed for a year, right?) and these really hit home. Love the listening one!
    Also wanted to introduce myself to see if you were still looking for a buddy. I'd love to connect and help each other better our blogs this year. Cheers!


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