Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Night Game Night

Day 14: Friday Night Game Night

Pretty much a staple in my life if there isn't anything going on. Dylan and I will go over to my parents on Fridays and play cards or games.

Last night was even better because GOOSE WAS IN TOWN!

(She pretty much makes my life complete, in case you hadn't noticed. Which is why I keep telling Dylan we NEED to have two girls, as sisters are clearly the bestest)

Instead of our usual Continental (a gin rummy game), we played Apples to Apples using just an expansion pack. We opened the decks for the first time and when I dealt, we hadn't shuffled since we figured the cards were all new anyways. But everyone had all "&" items. Like "Bat & Ball" "Dumb & Dumber", etc. turns out that half of the entire expansion pack, green cards included, it "&" items. Kind of interesting.

I always love Apples to Apples since every green card is so different depending on who is the judge. I think Dad won first, then Goose, then me! It was a lot of fun.

Great Friday Night Game night family!

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