Saturday, October 15, 2011

With This Ring

Day 13: I am thankful for these rings on my finger.
I absolutely love being married and I love the symbolism of the wedding rings. I know a lot of people, my mom included, who don't wear their rings. I may be there in 25 years, but for right now, in my wonderful newlywed stage, I love having a wedding ring.

I love that Dylan and my rings are very different. We are both very different people (we mostly fall into the opposites attract bucket when it comes to personality).

I love that my engagement ring and my wedding band are very different. To add symbolism, I think it really shows how I have grown and changed since being engaged and how serious getting married is.

I love that our set of three rings are unique. I guess it is possible, but I can almost guarantee no one has the same set of rings as us, just as no one else has the same marriage as us.

(I do admit that I really so just sit and admire my rings from time to time and appreciate what they mean and of course how pretty they are :) )

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