Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Those Creative Juices Flowing

Now that is has been about three and a half weeks since the wedding, I am feeling the itch to have a project.

Everyone, including me, knew this was going to happen. Everyone would (half-jokingly) ask what I was going to do once the wedding was over.

One of my "projects" is to learn how to play piano. My roommate has a Piano 101 book and with Dylan's help, this weekend he taught me how to play the black keys. Overall it went really well. The hardest thing is keeping a rhythm. I have a tendency to speed up. I practiced today and it came back pretty easily, so I think I am ready to learn more! I think I will have Dylan and my roommate help me for a little bit but I will definitely get a piano teacher within the next couple months.

Our piano. It needs a little tuning but it works well!

This is what I can play. Not the bottom with the real music, but hey it is better than nothing! 

Another project I have in mind is a scrapbook, or two, for the wedding.

I think I want to do one that is about my planning process. My inspirations, my projects, and the details of the wedding. It will definitely have photos too, but it will include a mock-up of everything and a copy of all of the invitations for the bridal showers and bachelorette party. Stuff like that.

I will already get a super formal, all pictures scrapbook from my grandpa as part of my photography package/gift. I do want to do a scrapbook kind of like what I included in the blog, but a little more detailed. And a lot of cool stickers and stuff too :)

My third project I have in mind is similar to something I worked on in high school.

I have always loved music, and I especially love listening to it and learning the lyrics. I used to have an amazing list of lyrics that I loved. I had built it during my last years of high school. Since then, I have not been able to find it. I would love to rebuild it. So I think that is a project I would love to get too.

The question is what would it be for? I had intended to use the original list for a type of scrapbook I was doing that had a lot of artistic pages and photos and images. I was going to use the lyrics along all of the edges of each page. However, most of the scrapbook is very high school and irrelevant now. It is somewhere in my save box. I think I kind of want to take the reverse approach this time. I would make the lyrics as the focus of each page and then have the rest of the art around or part of the lyrics.

For now it would just be a cumulative listing of awesome lyrics.

Those are a couple of creative projects to keep my--left side? right side? whatever side of your brain is the creative one--busy and functioning. My grandma made a comment last week when I went to visit her, saying that the mind does best when your hands are busy. Just trying to keep my brain happy and healthy :)


  1. My best advice for the piano since you are having a hard time keeping rhythm is to buy a metronome and use it right away, that way you can learn to love it in the beginning. Although I'm not as great of a piano player as I used to be, I still love to play so if you have any questions, let me know!

  2. I totally understand your need to have a "project" to fill your time! I made a scrapbook after our wedding. It definitely gave me something to focus my time on once wedding planning was done. But it's good to have ideas for projects now!

  3. I still haven't scrapbooked my wedding, but I want to eventually.
    Found your blog through a comment you left on Marriage Confessions. (There seem to be a lot of us "Rachel" bloggers, ha ha!) So obviously your name caught my eye on the comments list. :)


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