Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Nebraskans

Day 4: Today I am thankful for my Nebraskans.

And I have A LOT of them.

My dad's family is all originally from Nebraska and my dad and his immediate family moved out to Colorado when he was 4. He still has a grandmother, an aunt and uncle and their kids out in Nebraska.

My mom's family mostly still lives in Nebraska, with one sister living here by my parents house. She has 9 siblings, and all but one of them has kids. That equals a lot of family in Nebraska.

I used to go the camp in Nebraska with my cousins who live out there. During my 5 years as a camper and one year as a counselor, I made a lot of friends, so I have even more people in Nebraska.

Turns out I married a Nebraskan, (surprise surprise :) ). He lived in Nebraska the first two years we were dating, so every other month I went out there and spent time with his various groups of friends (and he has a lot of friends!) and his family. That means there are even more people I love and care about in Nebraska.

(Don't let this fool you, I hope to never live in Nebraska (but if I did, I would have to live in Dylan's parents house because it is the coolest place) since Colorado is way better)

I miss these people a lot. They have all had a great impact on my life.

I miss my cousins. Sitting at Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen table making jokes, catching up, playing games, eating "pea soup" or waffles. And now we have a blast going out too.

I miss my aunts and uncles. Their great stories, their laughs, great food.

I miss my camp friends. Memories, inside jokes, we can just hang out and catch up.

I miss my in-laws. Sitting around eating amazing food, learning new stories, finding new things in common.

I miss the White Marleys. Parties, Rock Band, hanging out with Brett.

I miss Dylan's high school/elementary school friends. Everyone's a couple now so it it nice to hang with the other girls and also play games with everyone.

I am so fortunate to have such a great network of people, especially Nebraska people. They really are the best! I am working on convincing each and every one of them to move to Colorado, but it is slow going.

And since it is a Nebraska post: GO BIG RED! (I'm a recent convert, I figured since we are married and in different conferences I can support them too)

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