Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Out of Touch

Hey all, sorry I have been seriously out of touch with blogging! I have a lot of ideas going through my head, but just no time to sit down and write them all out! I figured I would give a couple updates so I can get some of the things out of the way.

My Puppies

The biggest update here is that Ares is giant. We haven't weighed him in a bit (since we are huge slacker puppy parents that don't go to the vet... we just put them back on the heart worm without going in a getting them checked, I know, please don't even tell me what a slacker I am) but he has got to be around 55 pounds. When we were in Italy he grew at least two inches longer and two inches taller, so he was super skinny! Then I went to Oklahoma City and when I got back he filled out big time. And I am not just making it up that it is while I was gone, we adjusted he collar by over an inch from the Thursday before my trip to the Monday after.

He has also been better about not eating stuff. We (by "we" I mean just Dylan) have left the remotes out over night a couple times and they were still there in the morning! We were able to leave toilet paper out in the main level bathroom for over two weeks before it was eaten and there are still the hand towels in there! (I know I just jinxed us, but ah well.)

We finally got our Colorado State Parks annual pass so we can spend a lot more time at the dog parks and they can go walk in the water.

The House

I plan to do a yard post soon, but the house itself remains pretty much unchanged besides what I have already posted about with my office/craft room and the bedroom set. We did finally get the old mattress over to my parents and hopefully are getting the furniture for the nursery soon. I think we may also be stealing my parents couches for the living room and getting slip covers and maybe adding some fluff to them. Getting living room furniture is just really low on the priority list, especially since I don't really know what I want to do with the room. Right now I am thinking a beach theme if we steal the couches and getting white slip covers...We'll see.


I have started getting the craft itch big time, but have not time for that either. I still haven't used my craft room much! I have a lot of wine bottles, toilet paper rolls, etc. to do crafts and am having at least one of my girls over Sunday to do some crafting and hang out.

I am now planning to do a photo book for the wedding, so whenever I get the chance to start that it shouldn't take too long to crank out.


I just cannot believe it is summer! I am so glad to not be in school because it has really felt like a long summer so far and we have so much left! With the exception of this week since we haven't gone to the store, I have been practically living off of fruit and it has been amazing. What have I been up to that makes me have no time to blog or craft? We mostly visiting family, hanging with friends and enjoying time with Dylan. Those things tend to take priority and be a better use of my time in the long run. But I have had some issues going to sleep since I have had too many thoughts in my head, so I do actually need to blog a little more.

That's my mini update. How has everyone else's June been?

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