Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleeping On A Cloud

This weekend we finally made the big leap and bought our bedroom set!

We had done a lot of searching around this time last year and found our dream set. It was delivered Tuesday!

Here is the before, a great mismatch of old, old dressers, a cheap nightstand, and a good, queen sized bed:

And the big reveal:

As you can see it is much darker (more regal, or something), larger and TALL. We only slept in it last night, but we will be figuring out how to make it less tall since I have to crawl into bed and slide down to get out of it.

It is also insanely comfy, as evidenced by the fact that I got up 20 minutes late today. With a new mattress, new pillows (we have been holding onto them since we got them as wedding gifts), and all new bedding, it really is kind of like sleeping on a cloud.

Dylan actually picked out the bedding, which I obviously approved of. It really is nice to have a husband with good taste, when he is paying enough attention to give an opinion. It will be a bit before I get to decorate, but this is a HUGE step :)

We will be getting one more piece, the TV console/dresser, that should arrive mid-June, that will go here and will replace my old dresser.

This is my dresser. I think I barely have something in every drawer, so that clearly means I need to get more clothes!

This is Dylan's dresser. It is about five feet tall, so I am glad it is his and not mine. He also has a lot of empty space left over, but he really actually does need more clothes.

That is our new and vastly improved bedroom!

Since we will be figuring out what is the best way to "lower" the bed, any suggestions? Do you all use a box spring or not?

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