Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Married Adventures

This last weekend was definitely one of the most fun and awesome weekends in our first year of marriage (which ends on Monday! The first year, not the marriage).

We started off Friday by heading up to Salida to go visit Dylan's aunt and uncle and to experience the Salida Art Walk. We made it up there around 7:30 and hung out at their adorable little house (sorry no pictures, we were more about just enjoying the weekend after a busy week at work). We went to dinner at Ferraro's, a delicious Italian restaurant right on the main strip.

After dinner we headed over to their little guest house (again, sorry no pictures, guess we just need to go back!) which I hadn't seen since they finished it. It is a great little house with a family room, little kitchenette, bedroom/living room and bathroom with stacked washer and dryer.

In the morning we bummed around Salida after breakfast at a new restaurant on the river. We checked out a lot of really cool galleries and Dylan's aunt got us a piece from the miniatures silent auction:

We grabbed some ice cream and then started our trek back towards home in order to make it to one of my cousins' birthday celebrations. We didn't plan on going home all the way home. The plan was to find a camping spot along Guanella Pass in order to hike Mt. Evans and Bierstadt Sunday morning. Then there were absolutely no spots available to camp; all of the pull off on the road were full with cars and tents.

We decided we would just stay down for the night and go kayaking the next day instead. Our main goal was to avoid insane heat here in Colorado. We are on track to have the hottest June on record and have broken tons of records for the daily highs.

After a great party for my cousin, my parents and two of my other cousins came over to our house and played games and everyone else did some drinking. It was absolutely hilarious and a ton of fun.

In the morning Dylan and I headed up to Lake Dillon and went kayaking! I had been wanting to do this for a long while and I am so glad that it worked out! We just rented a kayak and went out and about on the lake. A storm started kind of rolling in after a little bit and when we were heading back in we ended up paddling against the wind with small white-capped waves. I definitely got a good upper-body work out.

After kayaking we grabbed some lunch in Frisco at the Fifth Avenue Grill. Since they still had their brunch going on Dylan snagged a Bloody Mary, and overall it was a delicious meal.

Then we headed back down towards home and after some crappy traffic we decided it was still too hot to be home and went to go see Brave. It was such a great movie. Both Dylan and I teared up and enjoyed the movie a lot.

Overall it was a fantastic weekend! We got a chance to really catch up and learn some more about how we grew up and how are family members interact and their pasts. We had so much fun just hanging out, enjoying each others company.

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