Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last weekend I ventured down and over to Oklahoma City to go visit my sister.  I got in around 10:30pm on Friday night and since we haven't had much sister time in a while we just hung out and chatted until around midnight.

We got up as early as my sister would let me (she said I couldn't wake her up until 9am). Since it was cloudy out it was actually really nice out so we went for a run.

After taking showers we grabbed some breakfast (brunch really by the time we ate). I had absolutely delicious French toast, among a whole host of other breakfast items (I was really hungry after running!)

Since my sister is in Oklahoma on an internship, we went to see the campus where her company is out. It was really pretty and campus is definitely an appropriate statement since it reminded me of a college campus.

After walking around the campus we went to see What To Expect When You're Expecting. I obviously really wanted to see but I'm not mean enough to make Dylan take me, so my sister graciously agreed to see it for the second time. I really enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, it was just an all around great snapshot of what various pregnancies can be like and how it affects relationships.

We grabbed some ice cream at Braum's after the movie. It was creamy and delicious. Goose doesn't even like ice cream much and she was excited to take me. 

Then we decided to head towards downtown to see the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. It was beautiful and very artfully done.

Since we were already downtown we figured we would walk over to Bricktown, which is a sweet area by the baseball stadium and they built in a river walk with shops and restaurants. On our way over there we enjoyed some cool art.

This is us on our walk around Bricktown.

After bumming around Bricktown we headed over to a restaurant one of my sister's co-workers recommended to her, called Vitos. It is an Italian restaurant run by a woman and her husband ran an Irish pub on the other side of town. Since they never got to see each other due to work, they decided to move them right next to each other. You can even go get dessert at the other place after you eat! It was really cute. The staff at Vitos was amazing and everyone was SO nice. 

Since we are SO COOL we went back to my sister's apartment and started watching a Disney movie to which I promptly fell asleep. 

Sunday we ended up being pretty low key since we ran around all day on Saturday. We slept in, finished our movie from the night before. We made pancakes. We went to hang out by the pool, for a lot longer than I expected consider my sister doesn't like tanning much, but it was a lot of fun to hang out in and by the pool. Then we watched Pocahontas (her roommate has like all of the Disney movies... in our defense). We wrapped up the trip by eventually finding a restaurant that was open on a Sunday, which was delicious. 

It was a great trip! Not only was it a cool experience to visit a new place and a new state, but it was amazing to get to spend time with just my sister and to not have to compete for her time with family or friends. Plus, sisters are the best :)

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