Sunday, June 3, 2012

Office Reveal

I know I have been talking about my office for a good while now. Well now I can show you a mostly finished product! It is like 95% functional, but just missing stuff on the walls and some style. As much as I would love to have it fully decorated and all before I show you, I am not that patient and who knows when it will be a more completed room.

First off is my desk nook. This turned out exactly like I wanted! We cut the top for the desk to fit the space and bored a hole for the computer cords. Then we added two IKEA shelves above for storage and decoration.
I have my eye on a chair at IKEA and I definitely need to manage the computer cords a little more and add some light, but it is a great space to work in.

Then we move on to the closet. We have an IKEA filing cabinet and drawers (bottom left) which works great. Then I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff I got for free from an old neighbor and so I bought the drawers for the paper and stickers and the other scrapbooking items are in the cabinet that was already in the closet.

For the closet I want to get another scrapbooking drawer to put on top and I will probably create a wrapping station in here too.

The other exciting piece is my craft desk! We took two bookcases and added a great piece of laminated pine on top that I polyurethaned. It is tall so I can stand or sit at it (once I get a chair). I have some great baskets and boxes to hold my craft stuff on the shelves.

Additional plans for this baby are to paint/cover the backs of the bookshelves so they are white and also to add trim around the sides to give it a more finished look. I also want to add some shelves or a rod to the walls in the corner so I can have easy access to things I use a lot.

We moved the book cases in here as well and we will be adding a futon that folds to a queen bed in here eventually to be a place for me to relax and also function as a guest bedroom.

This is my new little room :) I cannot wait to have some time to get back to my craft projects and start adding more style to my room.

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