Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wedding Related Injury

Well this week's wedding stuff has been a little dampened by an injury that occurred on Saturday.

I was working on my invitations and adjusting the font and size. I printed a copy out and was getting ready to cut them with the paper cutter, when I realized I should probably replace the blade. So I was trying to open the new blade and next thing I remember I was standing over the kitchen sink with a cut on both of my thumbs and index fingers. The one on my left thumb was pretty bad, Dylan thought I might need stitches, but I passed on that. So I was lightheaded from seeing blood and seeing myself bleeding (I didn't realize I don't deal well with blood AT ALL) and so I had Dylan bring me a chair. Then to make matters worse, there was a spider, which alone is enough to make me lightheaded. So I was seriously about to pass out, so Dylan helped me to the couch and we made sure I wasn't going to bleed all over everything.

Well I survived, but with all of my main fingers in pain and at risk of bleeding again, I figured it was a better idea to heal and not work on flowers. So no progress there.

Other things I have worked on, trying to figure out hair and make up for the wedding. I Facebook messaged a couple of Dylan's friend's wives and my friends in Nebraska about who they used or would recommend, but no luck with that. So I guess I'll have to keep trying the internet.

I did get my flight booked for the bridal shower in Nebraska, so one actual check.

So another week of limited progress.

Dylan has his bachelor party all booked! Las Vegas for him. Super jealous, but it will be a great time for him.

So hopes to get done this week:
-Update registry a little bit. I think we want to change out pots and pans. But we will definitely have to update more once we get the house situation figured out. Eitherway we need to add more things and make more decisions, like our bedding.
-Flowers, always
-Invites. Make sure they are the right size, etc. I think I have decided to get them printed by probably Kinko's instead of printing myself. But I have to finish them first.


  1. when is dylan going to vegas? it might be beneficial to have your party the same weekend - less men to explain shenanigans to...

  2. Dylan is going to Vegas June 10-13. And yes, I think the same weekend would be good so I'm not lonely either!


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