Monday, July 25, 2011

Dance the Night Away (Reception Part 2)

Make sure you check out The Ceremony and The Reception Part 1!

On to our performances!

The girls and I did "You're the One the I Want" from Grease. One of my BMs choreographed the dance for us. We practiced for about three weeks before for those that could meet up, but Goosie couldn't learn it until the day before. Everyone did great! It was so much fun.

 Then it was Dylan's turn. He performed "Hooked On A Feeling" by B.J. Thomas. He had the ushers and officiant help out and do the "uga chuka"s for the song. He performed without any other back up music and he did so good! It was a super cute and fun song :)

Then it was time for the bouquet toss. This is me getting excited to throw my tossing bouquet!

One of my BMs ended up catching it and she is engaged so it is right on track!

Then it was time for the garter toss. I am jamming out to whatever song the DJ was playing. Dylan did a really bad job of throwing it the first time, but his cousin (one of the GMs) caught it in the end.
Then it was on to a lot of dancing. I do mean a lot. I think I was not dancing for like two songs. All we told the DJ was mostly 80s, some hip hop, no country, and to take requests. He was amazing.

We managed to get a cousins picture! We had everyone except for Jordyn and somehow we missed Erin even though she was there. Great picture though!

Here is Dylan chillin with some of his guys.

At 10 o'clock, we had a bunch of Wendy's french fries delivered :) Totally my brilliant idea. I figured we would want a snack after dancing so much. They even provided a bunch of ketchup.

It was delicious :)

This is a shot of Dylan and I going to the restrooms at the same time. We really do think a like!

Dylan and one of the GMs. Gotta love the white suspenders!

Having a blast with my bridesmaids!

Everyone had so much fun. I cannot wait for my dad's side of the family to start having weddings since everyone had so much fun and all of the cousins (pictured above) danced the whole time. My girls and I had a bunch of fun too so hopefully there is another wedding soon with us girls as well.

The whole wedding was SO much fun! My feet were so tired after so much dancing. All I have heard is great things about how well I planned everything. I felt completely stress free for all of the festivities and enjoyed every minute of it!

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