Friday, January 31, 2014

Cleanse Results

I went to weigh myself yesterday morning after competing our ten day cleanse (initial, day 2 update and day 8 update) and was pleasantly surprised to see I had lost six pounds! 

Overall I really enjoyed the cleanse.  I tried a lot of new foods (including acorn squash to add to my previous posts) and enjoyed eating fresher, healthier foods.

I felt like I had more energy and the only time I was hungry outside of normal was later in the evenings when I would have previously had a snack (generally 2/3 cup of ice cream) and I wasn't allowed to eat anymore. 

Dylan really enjoyed getting back into cooking. Vander definitely appreciated this since he was able to eat a lot of what we made.

Having lost that weight put me back just below my prepregnancy weight and was a perfect motivator to keep eating well and continuing to get back in shape.

Dylan and I more or less plan to try to keep eating the same as we did during the cleanse, but with adding back in limited quantities of the things we missed most. I did excellent with breakfast and my snacks the first day post cleanse, and I limited my portion at lunch. Then for dinner we went to Red Robin for dinner and split a hamburger, a salad and a milkshake… That was a lot of food and I felt way too full. So that will definitely be happening less often.
That bloated feeling from our greasy meal reminded me why the cleanse was so nice, so I am excited to going back to Dylan’s cooking. As Vander eats more and more of our foods, it further incentivizes us to cook.

I am looking forward to exercising more too. I was starting to get back into it, but since I wasn't supposed to do vigorous exercise while on the cleanse I took a break (and I feel like most activities are "vigorous" since I am relatively out of shape). I am hoping to get back to the Barre Conditioning classes I had done in October and my sister also suggested the Nia classes (kind of like Zumba I guess). Plus good old fashioned running.

If you are considering a cleanse I say go for it! It is a great way to jump start a new diet and lifestyle.

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