Thursday, December 22, 2011

Snow Day!

Well not really a snow day since we are on vacation, but it snowed A LOT!  Dylan thought we had 14 inches when he shoveled this morning and it is still snowing. We wanted to go take the puppies out in the snow so they could really enjoy it and so I could take adorable pictures. 

Ares is so handsome! He is getting to be such a pretty dog, but Freya is still softer.
We had a fun walk over to the dog park. We dropped their leashes on the way there so they could run through the snow. 

Then we made it over to the dog park, where the snow the had hardly been touched.
We tried following the dogs tracks most of the time since the snow was so thick, but they would end up stopping to wrestle too much.

I made Dylan stop by a tree so Goose could take a picture of us.
Then we got the dogs over and we were all kind of looking at the picture.
All three of us having fun in the snow!

Freya ended up chasing some geese in the pond after we left the dog park, so she was all wet. Apparently the best solution is to roll in the snow to dry off. Who knew!?

Overall it was a ton of fun! So glad we had the day off to enjoy the snow and glad Goose had stayed over at our house so we could spend some quality time with her too. Now the puppies are napping and Dylan is making us some tomato soup and grilled cheese, YUM!

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