Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ten Months

Vander turned ten months old yesterday!
Vander is still right at 22 pounds (although he did have a stomach bug this weekend, so that may be a little skewed) and he is about 30.5 inches long/tall.

New skills this month include waving and clapping, which he definitely does a lot. He can also used a straw, which is very exciting since now he can get his own drinks when we go out to eat.

Vander is getting closer to walking, but not there yet. His girlfriend at daycare started walking about two weeks ago, so that renewed his interest in it. He will stand on his own for a couple seconds and he is getting better at waking with you only holding one hand. I am excited for him to be toddling around soon!
Vander has started sharing with people. Namely food he has already half chewed or a toy he just had in his mouth, but sharing is good.
He is chatting more and more. We have our B, D, M, N and O down for sure, with come A/E noises and L added to the B ("blah blah blah", so cute!). Vander has said "mama" and "dada" discrimately quite a few times. We have had a couple "hi"s and he just added "uh oh" which is of course super adorable.
The "uh oh" goes perfect and probably comes from when someone builds a tower and he comes over and knocks it down. Keeps him entertained for a good while and it is fun to race against him.
Vander got tooth number eight this month. It was definitely rough compared to teeth five through seven. He also started using a toothbrush. No toothpaste, just trying to get him used to it. Dylan and I definitely need to start being more consistent on it before bedtime.
Speaking of bed, Vander was a really great sleeper this month! He went like three weeks straight is sleeping through the night. He has gotten up the last few nights, so I am not worried about jinxing us this time.
This month's Vander adventures included a first haircut...

Swim lessons all month long...

Saint Patrick's Day...

Vander is so much fun! His face it getting more expressive, which is very entertaining. He is totally fearless though. He will attempt to crawl off of and over anything and everything. Keep us busy for sure!
He is such a cutie pie :)

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