Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flower Power

This Wedding Wednesday Post is all about the flowers!

What I want: I will have a purple bouquet while the wedding party will have purple bouquets. This way we will be opposites and match (I have a strapless dress and so do all the girls, so it will have the same look, just different colors).

Initial Plan: Real flowers. Try to find something that comes in purple and white or flowers that look similar.

New Plan: Origami flower bouquets!
I found this during my wanderings and absolutely fell in love! 1) Cheaper than real flowers, 2) it allows me to have a solid color of purple and solid white, 3) it allows all the bouquets to look the same. Plus it gives me and the girls more crafts to do :)

How to: Cut paper into 3x3 in squares. Follow directions at Each 3x3 square is one petal and it's 6 petals per flower. Our guess is 25-40 flowers per bridesmaid bouquet and more for mine.
Biggest Issue to Date: Paper. For the white we are just using white printer paper. For the purple, I spent most of my winter vacation searching everywhere (online and brick and mortar) for the right shade of purple. We finally found butcher paper in the right shade! And it's just $1.25 per 15 sq. ft.

So the girls have been helping with their white flowers and I've slowly been working on my purple ones. (I was focusing on invites since those are "due" sooner) It really is fun and it's a great mindless activity to do while watching tv.

I finally bought the rest of the Styrofoam for the interior of the bouquets and the ribbon for the handles, so we are moving towards the next steps. I already have a feeling the next issue will be storing all of the finished bouquets.

But we have to get all the flowers done first. I think I need a flower weekend, which means I need to not work and it needs to not snow!


  1. Is it just me or does the bouquet in the photo have ribbon in it? Or some other paper design we haven't created or talked about yet

  2. I guess we haven't specifically covered it, but yes there is paper in there :) It would help cover any gaps between flowers, and it makes it more rounded looking. So we will be doing them, but nothing too complicated I don't think.


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