Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Marshall's Space Theme Nursery

I finished Marshall's nursery almost six weeks ago, but have not had a change to take pictures until recently.

After weighing several options of how to design the new nursery, we settled on a space theme. Even once we settled on that, we had to decide colors and what type of decor.

I think it turned out great!

We used the crib and glider from Vander's room. The room is painted Behr "Skyline Steel" which is a light bluish grey. It was exactly what I wanted. The bedding is a constellation design that is on the sheet, bed skirt, valance, and changing pad cover.

We used the same block letters as Vander's room. I found a paint that matched the bedding colors really well and made my own constellation designs that match the patterns on the bedding. This turned out awesome!

The last two things I did were commit to how to decorate this wall and complete the mobile. It is straight across from the door so I needed something that would fill up the wall well enough but I struggled to decide on prints I wanted. I found these on Etsy and used frames from IKEA. Dylan helped me do an excellent job of spacing them all out.

I also made this super awesome mobile. It is Harry Potter themed, using the chapter pictures from Sorcerer's Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban (the Chamber of Secrets images were very dark in color and a little too scary), that I put on star cut outs so it still fits the space theme.

We put together two Kallax shelves and put them as an "L" in the corner. I had wanted this to be a little bit more of a bench, but the vent for the room is on the floor in this spot, so I had to get legs to raise the shelves off the floor. I bought the cube storage ottoman to provide a step stool to get onto the shelves and for the boys to generally play with.

I am in love with the little Itty Bitty's from Hallmark. We officially have all of the Star Wars set and I rotate which couple characters are out. The pillow is from Pottery Barn.

For the main wall we put up a vinyl solar system in a dark grey. We also added a Death Star, which lead to our little bit of nerd theme to the room. Dylan helped make sure the planets were in order and spaced out relatively appropriately.

I found this perfect lamp at Target. It has a night light function, which is what we have it set to with the light switch since I still have night feedings. The adorable penguin has a little rocket on his back and came from one of my aunts. It is from the same collection as the sailor bear in Vander's room. 

For the closet, we did the same closet shelving system as in Vander's closet, but arranged differently since Marshall's closet is longer. I also took off the doors and put curtains in place instead. (This is clearly not a clean staged photo since there are a lot of not perfectly organized things).

The nursery turned out great! I love hanging out in there and I am glad I was final able to share it with you all!

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