Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 31: Pile on the Pillows

I would have to say the main thing this week was being more uncomfortable.

I started out with my first night in a long time of not sleeping well. My back hurt, the baby was moving every time I woke up, and my heartburn was affecting me throughout the night, despite my Zantac before bed. I had added one extra pillow the night before so I would sleep more upright to help with the heartburn (making that two for my head). Then I added another king size pillow so I could have something supporting my back and for when I want to sleep I little bit more on my back. I had been sleeping with one king pillow to put in between my knees and to support the belly for awhile now. With my four pillows I have been sleeping my better.
Thursday last week
Then the last couple days, especially Monday, I have been really uncomfortable in the belly region. Monday I started out the day with an especially sensitive belly button (not uncommon, I Googled it). As they day went on I was getting more tender and achy. It is a really hard to describe. My right side definitely felt worse since the little man tends to hang out on the right the most often. I ultimately determined it was just my ab muscles (or lack there of) being tired, my uterus being tired/sore and my ligaments being stretched. I think I probably did too much over the weekend with not enough down time. At the end of the day Monday I was so ready to get some quality couch time in a relax. Fortunately we didn't have any plans and thankfully I have an amazing husband who made me dinner and brought me anything I needed or wanted (unfortunately he can't go to the bathroom for me... sigh) so I was able to just get comfortable on the couch. I felt much better the next morning, but at the end of the day (we ended up getting free tickets to the Bob Seger concert, which was awesome) I was ready to be done for the day again. It is so hard to determine when to be concerned or not! My instincts never shouted at me that anything was really wrong, so I wasn't too worried. I just didn't want to make the wrong decision in terms of calling my doctor. Since I have had no issues today and I felt so much better yesterday, I know I made the right call in just getting rest.
Figured I could show you the front view. The belly has gotten a lot wider this week!
This week Dylan and I also had a great time just the two of us. We went up to the mountains for a bit, walked the puppies twice, visited some of my family and celebrated one of my friend's birthdays. We really enjoyed getting to spend so much time together. It made me realize several times how different everything will be so soon! We are getting so excited for the little man's arrival, but it is crazy to think about what life will be like. I am glad we are taking advantage of the opportunities to spend quality time together and do things we won't be able to do as easily in the upcoming months and years.
The baby seems to be doing well! I haven't had any need to go out of my way to do kick counts since he has several times a day where he moves consistently for a longer period of time. I am so excited to get to see him next week!
After the Bob Seger concert last night
Generally I am trying to simultaneously work on my to-do list and avoid it at the same time.  I keep refining my to-do list and adding new things to it (like today I added "Determine list of who to call when I go into labor"). However, I find myself wanting to just enjoy life, like spending time with Dylan. So I have been more easy going about letting chores and cleaning be delayed and letting Dylan keep putting off painting. I have also been ignoring certain items on the to-do list, namely day care follow-ups, tours and selection.
I am looking forward to making some progress on pretty much everything this next week! So hopefully there will be more to write about next week.

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