Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still In Pregnancy Mode

It was this date, September 27th, a year ago we found out we were pregnant! 

Turns out pregnancy is a long term mindset. First there are generally several months (years?) of baby fever. After that you have a couple months of trying to conceive. Once that works out you have 40 weeks of being pregnant. Then baby arrives but you have the joys of a post partum body for a bit after that.

Well I haven’t really left that whole pregnancy mode. Partly due to it being not that long ago (almost four months!), but also in part that it was a part of my life for so long.  

I really loved being pregnant. I know so many moms (and spouses) out there that think I am probably totally crazy. And I am certainly not trying to say it was a 100% enjoyable or easy experience. I loved growing a person. I really enjoyed the positive attention from people.  I miss the glow I felt and the little kicks inside my giant belly. It was just such a completely unique and awesome experience.

Vander has been such an amazing baby that I just want more of him! We are so blessed to have had such an easy going first baby who really only kept his mamma exhausted for the first couple days. He makes it pretty seemless to go out and about. I know once he gets older he will present us with new challenges, but so far he has been really easy for us to parent. (It has only been four months, so take that with a big grain of salt.)

Since Vander has made our lives so fun and since I am me, we have already starting thinking about when we want to start on Baby Otley #2. Depending on how our finances and life in general go, we are hoping to go to Germany in May and then we plan to start working on baby #2 after that. We are still shooting for three kids as of now, but we will see how the next one goes first.
Overall, I feel that a part of me really doesn't want to move out of this pregnancy mindset. I am sure part of that is due to wanting three kids and considering that maybe it is just easiest to stay in pregnancy world for a good few years and not have to transition in and out of it.

What all does this pregnancy mindset include? I would say the main thing is a heightened awareness and appreciation for how your body functions and feels. (That is probably something you should have outside of being pregnant too...) I feel like it is having a part of your mind in a consistent state of an optimistic waiting game.

Another piece is related to the desire to complete your family. Dylan and I have always had a strong and fulfilling relationship, but Vander has added so much to that. Even these first four months I find myself thinking of how exciting it will be when Vander's siblings are here too.  It is almost like having Vander got this whole parenting adventure started and I just want to keep adding to it. I am positively overwhelmed how much love I feel and how full my heart gets and I just know there is so much more too!

I know you all will say I am crazy with all this forward thinking, but believe me, I am positively savoring all my moments with Vander since he grows and changes so much every day.

Only time will tell how it all will work out. For now, I am trying to balance my life one day at a time.

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