Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marshall: Three Months

Another great month in the books!

Marshall is approximately 25.5 inches long and 14 pounds. We packed away basically all of his three month clothes and he fits comfortably in the six month outfits.

Big changes this month included being home with dad for a couple weeks and starting daycare.

Sleep was much improved this month. Marshall even slept through the night a couple times! I would say on average I get up once a night during my sleep time. Marshall would prefer to sleep from like 11pm to 11am, but fortunately daycare has been and will help move that earlier. Since he started daycare at the end of his third month, that kind of threw off his schedule, even if it did lead to some solid sleeping at night.

Since Dylan was home with him, I hoped Marshall would be better about eating at daycare, but it took most of the first week for him to get comfortable enough to eat. With me he eats closer to every two hours, but with a bottle he eats closer to three or four hours. I am still breastfeeding and pumping, so Marshall has only been on breastmilk. So far, so good, but once he starts eating more at daycare, we will see how I keep up.

We *fingers crossed* moved out of the colicky phase in the evenings. Overall Marshall has gotten really laid back and easy going. He will easily hang out and watch everyone or just relax for a solid 25 minutes or so in the bouncer chair and sometimes that long lying on the ground. While he enjoys his down time, he generally prefers to be sung or talked to. Whenever you say anything in his direction, he gets a HUGE smile on his face. So stinking cute!

Since we tend to be on the go with Vander, Marshall spends a lot of time in his carrier, including our new Lillebaby carrier.

He loves hanging out with his Super G and Papa.

Dylan and I think Marshall is teething, since he loves chewing on our knuckles and his new teething toys I bought for him. He also tends to be drooly.

Marshall is totally enamored with Vander and loves to watch him.

It has been so much fun with these two. A lot of challenges, but Marshall's new attitude has made things much easier.

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