Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can't Get Enough Fall

Tuesday night my Grandma asked if she could come over to see my fall decorations. I said sure, but I thought to myself that I don't really have much.

Since I am off right now (on my 5 days of unemployment!) I figured I should beef up my decorations a little bit, depending on the deals at Michael's.

Let's see what I came up with!

Do you remember the wreath I made? (Link above). I thought it needed a little more color to stand out a bit so I bought some orange ribbon.
I wanted some more fall decor, but I was struggling with where to put it. Our dining room was a bit crowded with decor items, then I realized I have a great place: the piano!

In the top left corner, you can see the piano before I changed it up to decorate for Fall:
You can see that it had a table runner, a lamp and piano books. Not very decorative. And really not my style.

This is what it looks like now:
Much better! More open, cleaner. *Happy sigh*

On the right are two hurricane vases with candles. They were sitting on a book shelf in the cluttered dining room. I had the hurricane vases from Christmas a couple years ago when they came free with a purchase at Ulta. The candles were one of my bridal shower gifts. I bought some loose Fall leaves to put around them. Perfect for Fall!
On the other side I took a vase that I had originally bought for my townhouse in Boulder that was just sitting in the guest bedroom. I bought some new orange fake flowers to put in it.
The jar is from our wedding. We used it for our guest book. When I was thinking of new decoration ideas for Fall I remembered it (it was sitting on the same bookshelf as the candle holders above, can you tell it was a bit crowded?). I thought pine cones would be a great, cheap filler. I was hoping to just go pick some off the ground, but they were less than $3 and were the right shape and color and wanted. I did want some color, so I bought some "gems" in yellow and red to mix in with the pine cones.
I love it! Now I feel perfectly decorated for Fall. These projects today cost $10.86. That means I spent just over $20 on the decor and less than $30 on the wreath, not too bad!

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