Sunday, June 23, 2013

Final Nursery Reveal

The nursery is officially complete! All the curtains are up, the decorations are hung and everything is organized!

The curtains for the closet are up and the captains wheel is successfully bolted to the wall.
Curtains are complete and hung. The glider is assembled and super comfy!
Pictures are hung up and everything is organized
The start of Vander's book collection.
The start of his stuffed animal collection.
His giraffe made by Grandma Ruth
Sweet truck that we received with flowers at the hospital
The awesome ship clock we received from Grandma Ruth
More books!
Mobile that I need to hang above the crib soon!
Life bouy decor
His name blocks. I love that it kind of looks like the name on the side of a ship.
I love the lamp we found at Target! Totally matches the room.
His lovey hanging out on the dresser.
The Tranquil Turtle that makes ocean noises and has a wave night light.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour of my new favorite room :)


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