Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week 20: BOY! Oh Boy!

A little slow but here is the twenty week update!

We will start with Gender today: It's a boy! We has our anatomy scan this week and fortunately the tech asked if we wanted to see the gender and fortunately we did because the first thing you saw when she put the ultrasound thing on my belly was his legs spread apart and his boy parts floating right in the middle. So that was nice to immediately ease my fears that we might not be able to find out. I will write a more thorough post on having a boy but everyone is super excited! We went to King Soopers to grab cookies with blue frosting for me to bring to work (which worked out really well!). We also met up with my dad, sister and grandma for breakfast so we could tell them in person. My dad will definitely have a change being involved in raising a boy since he raised two girls. My mom was so excited and glad she was right after seeing him at the ultrasound in Nebraska. She bought his first non-gender neutral clothes that night after work.

Here are our ultra sound pics:
He curled up into a ball for the second half of the scan. That is his leg above.

Profile pic

Beautiful view of the spine. This is kind of how he started out, so you can see he moved around a lot. :)

And a picture of his foot!

Everything went really well with the ultrasound. No issues and he is growing great!

Stats: I was up another 3.5 pounds which means I am just about 12 up from the beginning. About a pound a week is what I want for this trimester so that is spot on! The wiggle bug had. Heart beat of 153 again and he weighs approximately 13 ounces, which according to the tech is a little bit ahead. My funds (the uterus measures from the outside) was about 18-19 inches, which is also where I am supposed to be.

Symptoms: I was being pretty normal most of the week. No weird cravings, no headaches, I mostly just worked a lot. Now week 21 is a whole other story, which you will get to hear about some of that shortly or if you follow me on Facebook you know I am getting crazy. Oh I have been getting compliments on my hair which I desperately need to cut since it is so thick and long right now.

Baby development: Technically the baby was a small cantaloupe this week and is 5.5-6.5 inches long  (crown to rump) and 10 ounces.  Nothing super cool development wise that I learned this week, or that I can remember.

Baby movement: Still struggling on this one. By now I think there have been maybe three times I was more sure it was the baby than gas, but I am still not positive. Stupid anterior placenta.

Belly progress: Well how about boob progress first. I finally went and bought the appropriate size bras and went up a full two sizes. Having been pretty average to small to begin with these new bras are frightening with how big they are. Belly progress I just keep growing and growing! My sister gets mad at me on days when I don't look pregnant enough based on what I am wearing. Lol. It is definitely out there now though and I am so so grateful for my maternity clothes.

Other: Mostly just excited to move on to the next steps! Gender steps like names and the nursery. And overall steps like booking our 3D ultrasound for about 8 weeks from now and figuring out our birthing class. Plus we still need to visit the hospital. And I need to start looking at day cares. OK let's just say the list is really big now :)

Dylan's thoughts: Well he is sleeping right now, but he is very excited about knowing the gender. Everyone thinks he is that much more excited because it is a boy. While he is excited to be more able to pass on the family name I really think he was 100% open minded and excited to just know. He said it feels A LOT more real now that we know what gender it is.

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