Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday 4-27

Hey look at me actually posting about a topic on its designated day!

This last weekend was a good wedding weekend! I went to Nebraska with my mom for my first bridal shower. I got to wear one of my new dresses and the whole party was SO much fun. We had a great turn out of about 45 people. The theme was ABC and we did our best to open the gifts in alphabetical order. It was hilarious. The wine and appetizers were delicious. Apparently we went through 18 bottles of wine... it was a great time.

This weekend I also went down to Lincoln to work out details and do my hair and make-up trial. We went to Dylan's parents, which is where the ceremony is at. We walked through the layout of the chairs, checked out the speakers/PA system, walked through the details, checked out the white and purple flowers Dylan's mom will be planting, and ate waffles. (ok so the waffles have nothing to do with the wedding, well actually we will have them for the rehearsal dinner, so totally counts!).

Then we went to the salon for my hair and make-up trial. Apparently my hair is really difficult to work with, or at least it was for the stylist. My hair is really thick and not as long as I would want, but still, shouldn't be that difficult. I was having her twist it in on the sides, so that I think that didn't help and made it looser, so I will not have her do that again next time.

I loved the make up though. Kind of hard to get a good pic, but I had her focus on my eyes (never been much of a lip person).

We also walked through the details for the reception hall. A couple things I need to double check with the caterer, but other than that we are all set for the reception. Just have to have Dylan decide on his signature drink :)
A check I just completed today: Buying my cardbox for the reception.
It fits four 8x10 pictures. I just decided to go with this and spend the money to have it already made and shipped (and personalized!) instead of having another project to do. Plus they are really nice. The personalization is a silver plaque on the top that has Rachel & Dylan Otley July 2, 2011 on it. We will obviously keep it after the wedding and probably keep any wedding items in the box after the fact and have my scrapbook next to it. Yay!

Other items to complete this week:
-Finish the last 25 invites
-crank out flowers
-figure out limo/transportation
-Shoes because they apparently decided to stop carrying my shoes or I guess they never existed even though I have photographic proof.
-Contact the caterer to determine a couple of details

I am off on Friday, so really all of this will get done! (well maybe not the flowers being done done, but worked on!).


  1. I had the same problem with my shoes!! conspiracy? maybe.
    Don't worry though, there are a LOT of other options out there :)


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