Saturday, January 19, 2013

Being Pregnant is Weird

Being pregnant is weird.

You can't really bend over easily any more.

You don't realize you have already started leaking until you get undressed at the end of the day.

You are growing a boy inside you and you think that is really foreign. Then you realize regardless it is half of someone else's DNA and it is going to be its own person very soon.

You look like you have gained 40 pounds but somehow it's only 12. And you are glad it's only 12.

You can't wait for the baby to start kicking and punching you. And you are jealous of people a couple weeks behind you that have already felt the baby (stupid anterior placenta).

You are even more distracted with the baby thoughts and ideas than you were with the wedding or buying a house. And the hormones that make you daydream don't help either.

You kind of enjoy the fact that you have to go to the bathroom all the time because then you get to see your belly in the mirror and get a couple minutes of alone time to be randomly super excited about being pregnant and having a child of your own.

You crave strawberry starbursts in the middle of work and have to go get them right away. And you haven't even had starbursts in probably over a year.

You cry over random things like the beginning of The Hunger Games when Prim's name gets called or when people talk to their children while they are working late and their kids just want them to come home.

You need to start thinking about buying things that you realize you know nothing about. Thank you lady at Babies R Us for walking us through strollers and car seats today.

You get to go back to school (classes) and learn about how having a baby works. Which is good considering I apparently didn't even remember the details on concieving until I really wanted to know them.

You realize you are counting down the remaining time of your current life since life will never be the same in four and a half months!

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