Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week 19: Go Bump Go!

Look at how much I have changed from my week 15 picture (4 weeks ago)!

So much for my theory that I will grow in spurts, I just grow all the time. And I am only 19 weeks tomorrow, so I am not even really halfway there! I don't know how I am going to grow potentially twice as big! But the body will do what it wants I suppose.

Other than getting giant, I turned 25 this week! My dad asked me how first quarter of a century went, and it is crazy what a dividing point it will end up being! The first 25 years were me growing up and the next 25 will be experiencing my children growing up.

Overall, by birthday was pretty awful being so busy with work. I absolutely love my birthday, so it was hard to have such a rough day.

I did get an iPad mini from Dylan this weekend! And I went out with two of my friends to the Cheesecake Factory and then we went out to do some karaoke after. I was the driver and did not partake in any karaoke due to not drinking. Going into my birthday I was kind of sad to not be able to drink with my celebrations, but definitely worth it :) Overall though it was mostly overshadowed with working most of the weekend and for twelve hours on my actual birthday.

To top things off, I had I think the worst nose bleed I have ever had on the morning of my birthday. I had read before and I have subsequently confirmed that nose bleeds are a common pregnancy symptom. Essentially the progesterone and excess blood flow make it more likely to occur. I had my first one while we were in Nebraska and I have now had two others. Always in the morning. So we will be pulling out our humidifier to see if that will help.

I cannot wait to write next weeks post since we will have a full update! Our next appointment and anatomy scan is next week! I am so excited to see how the baby is growing and measuring and especially to find out the gender! Twenty weeks is kind of my green light to start figuring everything else out pregnancy and child related. I will start looking into our birthing class and day care centers. I will get to design the nursery and start thinking more about names. So exciting :)

And one last bump picture for good measure!

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