Wednesday, January 2, 2013

End of the Holidays

The holidays are technically over (well I still have my birthday on Monday!) so that means I need to take my holiday decorations down.
Our new tree we bought this year!
And I really don't want to.
The top and bottom two feet have no ornaments. The top since Dylan wouldn't help and the bottom to keep the ornaments from Ares.
Part of it is that I am lazy.
A lot of space to add more ornaments in the years to come.
Part of it is that I love how it uses the space in the living room. Once I take the tree down a full quarter of the room will be empty. I had wanted to buy a blue chair for the corner. I am not sure what I will want to really do with the space once the wigglebug arrives.
I still love my $2 snowflakes from Walmart!
The last part is that I am always sad when Christmas and the holidays are over. I absolutely love Christmas, so the fact that we have most of a year until next Christmas is always kind of sad (Dylan absolutely does not understand this sentiment, but thankfully my sister does!). I am so excited for this next Christmas since we will have the wigglebug to celebrate with :)
Our newest ornament from Florence, Italy

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