Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 21: Sailboats and Hormones

I didn't even realize it had been another week already! Work has finally slowed down a little bit and I was able to finally start getting SUPER EXCITED about having a boy and start getting ready for him to arrive.

I spent quite a bit of time looking at name lists and we added a lot more to our list! There are so many good names, we will hopefully get our list back down to a couple ideal names before he arrives.

I spent even more time on Pinterest! We are doing a nautical theme for the nursery. We are trying to go sans-animals so that the room can grow with them. The goal is to find one item, like a blanket or a rug, to use as our focal point and to pick the colors from.
Some cute decor (source)
Door hanger (source)
We will probably do only one wall in a navy blue and then maybe the inside of the closet... but we will see. And speaking of closets, I spent a lot of time looking for good ideas for the closet too. I want to add some organization since one bar and one shelf for little sized clothes and a lot of toys will not be sufficient.
Love the two bars and the shelves! (Source)
This type of closet system allows for everything to be arranged as needs grow and change. Yay for more organization :) Also for the closet we are thinking about taking off the doors and using curtains instead, just so you can better utilize and access the closet.

Other goings on this week include an apparent 20 week hormone surge. I was relatively normal before and then last week I started being more crazy. I have had super random cravings for strawberry Starbursts. I have been crying over little things like people talking to their kids on the phone when they work late. I have been on a hunger streak the past couple days, combined with a couple days of being really tired. I really hope I am not going through another tired phase and it is just for a couple days.

And I assume the little man is growing strong since I am definitely growing! I cannot believe how tight my abdomen feels! And everything is getting so squished. Last week I swear everything was completely stuck and trapped in my stomach and couldn't get anywhere.  Very uncomfortable. I feel so weird and big. Last night was the first night I looked at our bed and felt it was too high. We'll see what we end up doing about that...
Less than twenty weeks left to go also brings on the lists of the big things I need to do... so I am off to go work on or think about those!

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