Friday, December 14, 2012

Weeks 8 - 9: More Sleeping and Our First Ultrasound

Looking back at weeks 8 through 9! I am getting caught up since we are on week 16 now.

Week 8: Another week down! Not that I have actually been stressing about this pregnancy, but I am finally feeling like this is going to be a happy and healthy pregnancy. I definitely get less and less worried about my appointment next week as each day goes on.

Last night was another almost 11 hours of sleeping. I feel asleep on the couch at 7:30.

Right now I am not a big fan of food. I am hungry pretty often but nothing really sounds good ever.

I took the opportunity to tell my main coworker since we were over at her house for dinner and she was offering wine. I had planned to tell her anyways. I has made work so much better having someone to vent to about everything and at least I can be somewhat pregnant at work.

Week 9: If it is any indication of how out of it I am, I didn't write anything for week 9! Not for a lack of thinking about being pregnant. 

Mostly just a lot of my sister and parents making fun of me for being tired. Oh and I had my Thirty-One Gifts party this weekend so I was standing for most of the morning and afternoon. When I finally laid on the couch for a bit, I could not get back up. My hips and knees hurt so bad! I felt like such an old lady. I googled "joint pain and early pregnancy" and apparently it is the hormone relaxin that has already started surging that is supposed to help prepare your body to deliver a baby. All I know is my joints pop all the time and when I sit too long I can't get up. And it isn't even because I am fat yet!

The big thing of the week was our first ultrasound and meeting our OB! We did the ultrasound first and it was AMAZING! We were measuring about three days short, so based on my calculations I would have been 9 weeks exactly, but the baby was measuring at 8 weeks and 4 days. We will get to keep my due date of June 5th, since it is all relative anyways. The first thing you really see is the heart beating, like actually the heart moving. We got to see the heart beat on the monitor and hear it too. We could see little arm and leg buds.  The best part was seeing the baby wiggle! We have a little wigglebug!
10/31/12: First Picture of Baby Otley!
Then I dropped Dylan off in the waiting room since the first appointment is a physical and headed to go get my physical with our OB. The doctor was running really late due to some minor emergency, but when I finally met her everything went well. I think she will be a good fit for us. Obviously it is still early and we will learn more about each other, but I feel good about her.

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