Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weeks 10 - 11: Sleep and Waffles

Week 10: Still tired all the time. I have also been really hormonal and grumpy, so that clearly fares well at work... I pretty much come home and change into sweatpants and then figure out what sounds good to eat and watch an episode of Downton Abbey before I fall asleep on the couch or go up to bed. I'm writing this on Saturday, but I went to sleep around 9pm last night and woke up at 5am, which was 8 hours. After lying in bed for 30 minutes, I caved and got up. I just finished watching Knocked Up. I definitely plan on going through all the big baby movies while I am pregnant.  Definitely teared up at the end when she gets to hold the baby and when her sister comes in and is crying. Ah so excited! Only 30 1/2 weeks to go!

By the end of week 10 I started to have some good days, where I have more energy and have no nausea at all.

Week 11: We took some opportunities to tell a couple of my closest friends this week! My friend who moved to Iowa about a month a half ago was in town so we went out to dinner along with one of our other friends. I told them "I have a picture to show you..." And one of them totally called it--"I bet it is a sonogram!" They were SO excited :) One of them has an almost four-year-old, and they both knew we were trying, so it was very exciting for all of us! The next night was another friend's thirtieth birthday, and we knew her and her husband were going to ask about how the baby thing was going, so Dylan gave me permission to tell them, since we only see them about every three months. They were obviously stoked as well! One of my other old co-workers was there as well, and they said they want to throw me a "Rachel is Pregnant" party, lol.

This week has definitely had more good days than bad days. I have generally had more energy and I have gone much more to a hungry all the time thing and food sounds good more and more often (versus before when I was hungry and wouldn't want to eat anything). Sunday for example, we had recently finished a big dinner at my parents' house, when we were watching Modern Family and Phil wants waffles. So then I HAD to have waffles. I said this out loud and everyone thought I was crazy. I tried to help rationalize being hungry again by the fact that by the time we got everything to make them and put it together it would be at least 45 minutes later... We all laughed a lot about that one.

I am very glad that we have less than a week and a half until our next appointment, and we can make sure everything is still going well. I still get nervous since people on my June forum have had babies stop growing. But judging by the massive amount of peeing I am doing (it was seriously 7 times in 4 fours one morning...), the food I am eating, plus I feel like I am lightly starting to show (could be all the food though...), I am not too concerned.

I am also excited for a week and a half from now so we can tell everyone! We have a good plan for how we want to announce it, nothing too flashy, but it allows us to tell everyone at the same time.

This week I also took some time at work to talk with my HR person. I wanted to tell her the news and walk through what is offered at our work in terms of maternity leave, as well as talk about insurance a little bit. Our initial plan was for me to work six weeks and then go back part time for the next six weeks, since only the first six weeks are paid (at 100%). But my HR lady highly recommended taking the full 12 weeks off if we could afford it. So that is our plan now. We will be managing our savings even more thoroughly then we had planned on. I am super excited to be home for longer with the baby and essentially have the summer off :)

Also this week, I committed to breastfeeding. I had been playing with it in my head ever since my boobs started growing. After all the work they have already gone through... But I will have a whole post on this at some point.

Trying to crank out the posts so I can be caught up and y'all can weigh in on the gender before we hopefully find out on Sunday!

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