Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weeks 6-7: The Joys of First Trimester

Looking back to weeks six through seven!

Remember I am tracking by weeks so when I say week 7, that means that I am six weeks on the first day of week seven and will be six weeks and six days by the end of week seven.

Week Six:

This week has been a long week. I have been working so much. Or trying to. I have been absolutely exhausted this week. So it has made it hard to focus on work.

I just want to document that the first day of week six I did some twins research to look at symptoms. There is nothing conclusive for this early in the pregnancy, but generally more uterus-growing related cramping, more fatigue and obviously more weight gain overall. Just in case it ends up being twins, I wanted to make sure it was documented I thought about it!

Also this week we booked our first prenatal visit! I had thought about looking at two or three different hospitals, but I wanted to make sure I book my appointment before I waited too long. Since I have been so busy and it is already hard enough to get away from work, I really didn't think I would have time to get tours before hand. I went with one of the recommendations from my physician's office. My appointment is October 31 and that cannot come soon enough!

The weekend involved a lot of not drinking and missing that. It also involved staying up much later than I wanted to.

Week Seven:

Holy boobs! I swear they feel like they are twice as big! They get in the way already and they are sore when I walk too fast. Guess this means I need to get some new bras, but I hate to have to go through several different sizes so we will see. My plan was never to breastfeed, but now that my body is going through this much effort I am starting to second guess that decision. The main two reasons why I wasn't planning on it are so that Dylan can be an equal parent with feeding and because I don't want to be pumping all the time (plus it is just weird! although some of that weirdness is going away). Mostly this just calls for more research!

Now that I am six weeks pregnant, that means we are half way to twelve weeks which is when we plan on telling everyone else, which will be Thanksgiving. I feel like the last two weeks of knowing I am pregnant have been FOREVER long. With being so tired all the time and feeling like I have been going through this baby thing for a while now, why is there still so long to wait until our first appointment (three more weeks) and SO long before we can tell everyone?! Even last week I was thinking it was silly that people call it "those long nine months" but they are long already!

I think one of the hardest things is that Dylan and I are being very cautious about it right now. While it is obviously most common to have a healthy pregnancy, it sure seems really common for there to be miscarriages as well (15-25% chance, we technically fall under the 15% due to my age and this being our first pregnancy). So we are trying to not be too excited until our appointment when we will get to see the baby and most likely hear the hear the heartbeat. After hearing a regular heartbeat the chances of a miscarriage drop significantly (I want to say like 2%, but don't quote me). I can't decide if we are overreacting or being smart about it. But really, what is another 3 weeks when I will still have still have 31 weeks to be excited!? Being more low key about it makes it that much easier to not talk about it work and around our extended family. We'll see how long we make it after our ultrasound :)

Slept for 11 hours on Friday night. I never do that. I really needed it after having a head ache most of the day, but the fact that I only got up at 6 (to pee) and then didn’t wake up again until 9am, after going to be before 10 is totally beyond me. I am absolutely not used to being tired, let alone ALL THE TIME. Apparently this growing a human thing is hard work.

These have also been two of the lease productive weekends I have had in probably the last 2-3 years. Lol. Dylan definitely approves of this life style, especially since he gets to play his games all night when I am in bed by 9:30 every night.

Other delightful things: Having a stuffy nose all the time. I know my allergies are bad, but I have never blown my nose this much unless I have been sick. But now it has been a solid three weeks.

Biggest Concern: Miscarriage and getting morning sickness. I told my co-worker about my “condition” since we went over to her house for dinner and she was telling me about how at 8 w 1 d, her morning sickness started in and then she lost about 20 pounds. No bueno. Hoping I fall into my mom’s genes and luck and only have nausea. Which I have already had a couple fun bouts of.

Aversions: Left over/old food. Ugh, just writing about it makes me slightly ill.

It is so weird to look back at all of this! It feels like so long ago :)

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