Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Week 14 - 15: Telling Work and More Waffles

Last catch up post!

Week 14:

We had a chance to each tell our work places this week. Which meant my parents could too, which they were pretty much as excited as us.

My boss and boss's boss were both very excited and supportive. I don't know why I really had any nervousness, but at the end I was mostly excited to tell my bosses so that I could tell a couple of my other closest friends at work. Everyone was so excited for us! It really makes me love being pregnant! The best is talking with people who have had kids before, since they always have some interesting experience about it. But it is kind of hard to bring it up. Some times you just see people in passing so you don't really have a chance, and then there are people that you aren't quite as close with so it doesn't come up as easily.

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Week 15:

The beginning of this week is when I first started to feel like I was showing and it wasn't strictly bloat. Granted it is mostly just my fat moved around, but it is definitely due to having a baby growing in there. I was definitely glad I wasn't fat yet at Dylan's Christmas party when we were moving around chairs to sit and get food.

Speaking of the Christmas party, that was the first time I really missed alcohol. The girl next to us got a sex on the beach (my FAVE!) and I was so jealous! Most of the time Dylan drinks whiskey or scotch, so I really don't mind not drinking since those don't sound appealing. I have been pretty fine without beer and I will usually have a sip of Dylan's wine just to taste it, but this was the first time I wanted my whole own drink.

Over the weekend I ended up getting a head cold. We have been crazy busy at work and so even though my energy level has been much better the last week or so now that I am into the second trimester, I have been so worn out by work that I have been exhausted still. So Saturday I did my house cleaning and then after sneezing and my nose dripping from allergies, it all caught up to me and I felt like my head was stuffed full of mucus crap. I didn't get as much work done as I was hoping/intending since I could only focus so long. And it was one of those days where doing nothing would have been alright except for being so stressed. Thankfully I ended up feeling mostly better Sunday.

This week also involved a serious waffle craving (which happens like twice a week). I mentioned like twice to Dylan Saturday afternoon that I really wanted waffles, but we didn't have any whipped cream. He apparently wasn't getting the message so I finally directly told him he was going to the store to get whipped cream. We also needed some other things like milk and cereal. He came home and we started making the batter. When I told him to make sure he left the cool whip out so it could defrost, he realized he didn't buy any. So he was sent right back to the store since that was the whole purpose! Once I did finally get my waffles, they were positively delicious.

In general I haven't had any weird cravings, instead I just crave the things I normally like anyways. I always want potatoes and would love to have breakfast for dinner or lunch anytime. Mostly a lot of waffles :)

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